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Our vision is to reduce the population to sustainable levels, where it would be comfortable for humans and all species to thrive. We already know that in our country life is very difficult for 95% of the population which is very unfair. There is competition for water, food, shelter, housing, employment, health care, education and so on. This leads to lots of stress and difficulties to everybody.

According to WHO definition – Health is defined as complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not mere absence of disease. If we use these criteria than 95% of the population has social difficulties which in turn causes or worsens physical and mental wellbeing. We have been trying to reduce the population since our independence, but it has grown by four times since then. Most of the methods employed to curtail the population have failed miserably either due to lack of motivation or ineffective methods used by the government of the day.

Our main aim is to liaise with the government, NGOs, corporates and individuals who are concerned with population to work together to curtail the growth of the population. The ways which we will use is to educate, inform, reward people to have a small family. Jobs in the government sectors like the railways, defense, Police force, politicians and corporates should strictly stick to one child policy or the jobs should not be given. No incentives should be given to people who have more than one child starting from a given time.

The best way to change any behavior is to give rewards and the best reward for man is money. We have seen in many western countries, incentives like food, shelter, housing, health care, education and unemployment benefits are free and is universally given to encourage producing more children. The same methods can be used here to produce the opposite effect. We have seen in our country people are ready to donate blood and organs for the sake of money. It is our view, given a little encouragement and incentives people will stick to one child policy with time.

We all know that the poor, illiterate, young couples are the ones who produce the maximum number of children. The best way to start is introducing at least one chapter on the problems of overpopulation, from class five onwards every year and give more detail descriptions till graduation. We should make child abuse, neglect, exploitation a criminal offence and such parents should be punished severely. If we introduce this in a strict manner, people will be more responsible towards their children and this in turn will curtail population growth. We should also provide regular information for the illiterates by telecasting documentaries on television and radio about the difficulties of looking after a big family. We will be raising awareness at all levels to curtail the growth of population.