suicides & exploitation

Suicides & Exploitation

Any form of unnatural death is  termed as suicide in the eyes of law. Taking away one’s life is considered illegal in the society. The statistics reveals that around 8,00,000 people commit suicide every year at a global level. India contributes 17% to the world suicide rate. The reasons for suicide could vary from case to case. The farmers committed suicide due to poverty and their inefficiency to repay the debts. The teenagers have reasons like poor exam results, love failures and their inability to cope up with the pressure.

A tough competition prevails in the market and one has to be constantly on toes to prove oneself. Family and peer pressure are also major reasons which forces an individual to opt for suicide. Domestic violence, rape, dowry and harassment are some of the major reasons for women to commit suicide. Poisoning, hanging and self-immolation are some of the ways of committing suicide.

The suicide rate of men is higher than that of women. The suicide number is higher in cities than compared to the villages. The year 2012 announced Chennai as the city with highest suicide followed by Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. The literate people are more prone to suicide than the non-literates as per the research. Suicides & Exploitation are always in the news. Can we not do something about it?

The suicide rate must be controlled before it questions the mere essence of humanity.  Let more and more counseling sessions be organized by the Government in schools, colleges and organizations. NGOs can take the lead as well.