Short Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy is the number of years that an individual is expected to live. It depends on various factors such as date of birth, current age, gender and so on. There are many societal issues that leads to short life expectancy. They do not  have access to clean water which ultimately leads to illness and deaths. The sanitation and poor hygiene is another area which has affected the lives of people on a major scale. People contact a lot of diseases due to low hygiene levels.

Proper Vaccination must be given at the right time. A delay in vaccination results to diseases and deaths. The medical care in India is very limited and most of the deaths occurs due to poor medical aids. Poor diet leads to malnutrition and paves for other diseases. There are environmental factors such as air and water pollution that directly contributes to short life expectancy. Most of the death occurs due to negligence driving and road accidents. Irrespective of the safety measures issued by the government, there hasn’t been any decline in these accidents. People are aware of the safety measures, but they are reluctant to follow.

The younger generation must give a thought about the growing population. The existing population cannot be controlled, however the future population can be planned.