Poverty is a disease in the society. The poor people are always deprived of the basic needs. While the rich people are busy in fulfilling their materialistic wishes, the poor people are left to struggle with food, shelter and clothing. Once these needs are met, they can think of educating their children. Statistics reveals that 32.7% of Indians fall in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category. They cannot think anything apart from fulfilling the basic needs – food, shelter & clothing. Once these needs are taken care of, they will have the liberty to focus on other aspects such as health and education.

Poverty leads to illiteracy. People are forced to take the jobs that they are offered as they do not possess the higher level skills. They are exploited at the work place, but are left with no choice. Poverty also leads to child labor and bonded labor. The parents expects their kids to contribute financially rather than opt for education. The increased population is a major reason for the miseries that poverty causes. The Government must create subsidies for people who fall in the BPL Zone. More and more schemes must be launched to benefit the common man.