Per Capita Income

Low Per Capita Income

Per Capita Income is the income per person. The per capita income is calculated by taking an aggregate of all the sources of the income and dividing it by the total population. It is a way to compare the progress of the Nation. Low Per Capita Income reflects a light on the standard of living, the purchasing power and the spending capacity of the people. It is expressed in standard international currency such as Euro or Dollar.

If the per capita income is low per person, he will be struggling to fulfill even his basic needs. The economic growth will definitely slow down affecting the overall ranking in the Globe. Though India has a high economic growth rate, yet it is a victim of low per capita income. If a Nation has to be compared with other nations, it is mandatory to raise the per capita income level.

Lesser the population, higher will be the income per person. Wondering how? People will have more access to the earning sources as the competition would be less. People will not have to compromise on the pay levels. Thus, the coming generation will have to consider overpopulation as the major destroyer of the nation. They need to take this issues seriously and work towards it.