Education is the crux of life. It is the eye of a human soul. It is the basic right of every individual and they must be granted for it. The parents who aren’t allowing their kids for basic education are creating a crime. They are just not taking away the basic rights, but are also taking away the mere purpose of existence. It is strange to know that both developing and developed nations face the problem of illiteracy. The illiteracy rate is higher in girls when compared to boys. Gender discrimination prevails in the society and is a major reason for high illiteracy rate.

The other factor that contributes to illiteracy is poverty. There are almost 32% of people who are in the below poverty line. Can they ignore food and think of education? Absolutely not!  Their prime purpose of existence is to generate food and shelter for the entire family. They cannot afford to spend on educating their child.

When the kids are refrained from joining an educational institute, their hope of being a literate also goes for a toss. They are engaged as child labor or they work as bonded laborers. School just remains a dream to them. They continue to work in the mining, agriculture, fishing or other sectors where their qualification is not questioned at all. They are hired for physical labor work and they continue being employed there. The cycle continues contributing to the illiteracy rate.

There are a small category of people who are functionally literate. Functional literacy will help them to read and write, but will not fetch them skilled jobs. This will again add to illiteracy and other miseries. The Government must take steps to eradicate poverty from the society. There must be a balance between rich and poor. The mid-day meal scheme is nice initiative by the Government to attract the students to the schools. The parents must be educated to send their kids to school and bless them with a life.