Food, Shelter and Clothing amounts to the basic needs of people. These needs must be fulfilled to lead a good life. Due to overpopulation, Housing has become a concern to the poor. They wander from places to places just to get a roof over their head. There are times when they also have to spend their nights on the footpath. Who has to blamed for this situation? Should be blame poverty or the government or the existing population of the country? There is no answer to these questions and people continue the way they have been. Rich becomes richer and the poor remains the same.

There are houses allocated to the minority class, yet it isn’t sufficient to provide shelter to all. The Government allocates funds for Housing under various schemes, but all in vain. There are people who still remain homeless. Had there been a limited population, the allocation of Houses would have been sufficient and easy.  Thus, controlling population to a certain extent can be a major problem solver. Lack of proper Housing also leads to the problem of open defecation. As people do not have a dedicated toilet, they prefer defecating in the open space. This leads to many health issues and other diseases.

Housing is a basic right and everyone deserves it.